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Brent Warman has over 10+ years of experience in the career development field in various employment counsellor and career coaching positions working with not-for-profit organizations, public post-secondary institutions, and in private practice. He has well-developed helping skills (counselling skills) and can relate to clients from all walks of life in an objective and nonjudgmental way. Brent works collaboratively with clients according to their needs to develop realistic action plans to work toward achieving their personal and professional goals.

Brent utilizes a strengths-based approach that validates clients’ needs and contributes to increased self-esteem, self-awareness, and confidence to succeed while working toward achieving their career goals. The career services provided by Brent are client-driven and client-centered.

Brent is a resourceful and creative problem solver who continuously looks for ways to make improvements for providing higher quality services for clients. Brent is a lifelong learner who consistently upgrades his skills to enhance his work as a career development professional.

Brent’s level of passion and commitment to providing the best possible career services for clients means that he provides all of the services to meet their needs.

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The CRS is the only Canadian standard for validating the expertise of resume writers, and other professionals providing strategic résumé advice.

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The CCS is a Canadian standard for validating the expertise of career development professionals. The CCS certification was designed by Career Professionals of Canada and validated by an independent group of industry leaders in academia and providers of career services.


Certificate in Career and Academic Advising – University of Calgary

Certificate of Completion in Advanced Resume Development – Career Professionals of Canada

Master of Arts in Management – City University of Seattle

Bachelor of Arts – Carleton University



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Award Nomination          AOE Nominee 2015